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The use, applicable people and precautions of medical rubber examination gloves

Kemei Medical tells you the use, applicable people and precautions of medical rubber examination gloves. In the process of surgery or other treatments in the hospital, we often use some protective medical equipment, including the use of medical rubber examination gloves. Although it is true, the use of norms is still indispensable. Today we will give you some introductions to help novice doctors solve this little confusion.

The use of medical rubber examination gloves

① This product is mainly used for items worn on the hand of the examiner during the medical examination to prevent cross-infection between the doctor and the patient;

② Before using this product, you should remove all accessories on your hands, trim your nails smoothly, clean, disinfect and dry your hands according to the general rules of surgical disinfection, regardless of whether you wear them for left or right hands, please choose gloves that fit your hand specifications;

③ In use, this product can generally be used in combination with sanitary cap or nurse cap.

Medical rubber examination gloves suitable for people

① This product is suitable for nurses, protective staff and medical examiners in hospitals;

② The surface powder should be aseptically removed before surgery;

③ Wet hands will increase the difficulty of wearing.

Medical rubber examination gloves matters needing attention

① This product is made of natural rubber latex. People who are allergic to this product should use it with caution;

② If the packaging is damaged, it is prohibited to use;

③ This product is for use only and is destroyed after use.