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The relationship between the profit of the medical device industry and the market

At present, my country's economy is in a period of rapid development. The competition among various industries is very fierce, and the competition among various enterprises is also extremely fierce. Every enterprise has competed with other enterprises for market share since its inception. Gain a high market share, profits will follow one after another, maintain a high growth rate, profits will also grow. In any case, profit and market share are always closely related, but for pharmaceutical marketing, who is more important?

To analyze it comprehensively, if the profit can be increased by increasing the share, of course the share is important. If the share is simply increased, the profit continues to decline, and the share is meaningless.

Generally speaking, profit is still important. Whether it is a large or small market share, it must serve the profit. If a product has a high market share but no profit, I believe that the product manufacturer will not produce it either. But if a product is profitable, I think everyone will continue to promote the product, so that the market share will increase unknowingly. So I personally think profit is the prerequisite, and market share is the inevitable product of profit development.

This problem cannot be generalized. Profits are based on a certain market share. The realization of a better profit for a product is closely related to sales. Large sales can reduce the production and procurement costs of the product, achieve economies of scale, and recover the initial investment as soon as possible. Of course, sales are not as big as possible. Due to resource constraints in all aspects, the sales-to-profit ratio has marginal benefits. Some companies are considering strategically, temporarily giving up profits for market share, and it is not uncommon for them to obtain monopoly profits. In general, it is necessary to coordinate the weight of market share and profit rate in combination with its own situation and planning, and try to find a balance point to achieve medium-term benefit amplification.